Customer Testimonials

“I have been a regular customer of Thelma and Louise Catering for more than four months.  Having worked in the food industry for more than thirty-five years, as a cooking teacher and as a broker  representing companies such as Stouffer’s, Kraft and Swift, I find much to recommend with Thelma and Louise.  My husband and I appreciate the excellent flavor and quality of the dinners, as well as the generous portions.  Just as important, the meals are delivered to our door still very warm, demonstrating that this company  understands the safe handling of food. “
“I heartily recommend Thelma and Louise for singles, families, entertaining and large catering events.”
Betty C.

One thought on “Customer Testimonials”

  1. Every meal has been outstanding. Fast and easy right to the door. I wish other people here at brighten square would
    Take advantage of this deal. A hungry
    Retired fireman is never wrong. Keep up the good work girls

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